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Revolutionary low tack adhesive that won't leave marks - no pins, tape or glue required.. simply press-on and peel-off over and over again.


Gripping Stuff!® Innovation

The unique removable and re useable solution for displaying posters, notices and pictures almost anywhere - without damage to your walls or posters... can easily be taken off without leaving unsightly marks. An amazing alternative to tape, sticky putty or pins.

Gripping Stuff!® are the designers, developers and manufacturers of the amazing pinless notice board, part of the growing range of removable and reusable adhesives from Gripping Stuff!®; safe, quick and easy to use products for displaying pictures, notices and photos.

Anyone who has wanted to display pictures, photos, notes or posters on walls has always had few choices - usually one that damaged your poster or left marks or holes on your walls. Gripping Stuff!® have developed a truly innovative product range that solves all these issues, offering a completely new alternative to pins, tape, and putty.

Now you don't have have to worry about leaving marks on your walls, damaging your posters or harming your kids; Gripping Stuff!® has reached EN71 Standard.

Gripping Stuff!® have an ongoing research and development programme, continually updating and developing their range; look out for new Gripping Stuff!® products updated here at our website.






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